A proven record of courtroom success.

An arrest for any criminal charge including domestic violence, DUI or drug possession can easily change your life. The stakes are so high that you must invest in a quality defense. You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney with a track record of success.

Jared Hart, former assistant district attorney has years of criminal defense and trial experience, and has represented clients through-out New York. With a proven record of courtroom success and know how to take your case to trial when necessary. In many cases, however, we are able to obtain positive outcomes without trial.


We conduct our own independent investigation of the facts of your case. Then our team applies the facts of your case to the law to find constitutionally tailored arguments to help get your case dismissed or to suppress evidence. Mr. Hart is available to you through the process and will ensure you are completely informed and at each and every step of the process. We have been successful at obtaining positive results that often have exceeded the expectations of past clients.

Our criminal defense practice is broad-based and we have the skill to defend you against New York State charges or Federal crimes whether in New York or a Federal jurisdiction throughout the United States.


Call our New York office at (845) 707-6748 or email us at info@jaredhartlaw.com to schedule a meeting to discuss your case. Initial consults are always free of charge.